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Royal Jelly + Vitamin C
Royal Jelly + Vitamin C
Find tonus and energy
The green gold of bees
The green gold of bees
The protective power green propolis thanks at ARTEPILLINE C
Honey & Turmeric
Honey & Turmeric
Traditionally famous for joint comfort
The new beehive products
The new beehive products
Improve your well-being
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Le miel : le meilleur des cicatrisants
Depuis de nombreuses années, le miel est utilisé à des fins thérapeutiques, notamment pour...
Association Rêves et Famille Mary
Famille MARY soutient l'association REVES C'est avec le plus grand plaisir que Benoit Mary,...
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Who is Famille Mary ?
Since 1921, Famille Mary harvests and selects exceptional honeys
95th Birthday of Famille Mary
In 2016, we have celebrated our 95th anniversary !
The Honey
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Famille Mary, Honey and well-being since 1921

Since 1921, Famille Mary harvests and selects exceptional honeys. With know-how from three generations of beekeepers, we create unique recipes from bees treasures: honey, royal jelly, propolis and pollen of flowers, associated with precious plant extracts for healthy pleasures moments.

Discover our wide selection of the best pure honeys guaranteed by laboratory analysis, with over 30 tasty, bountiful and creative varieties: acacia honey, orange, heather, almond and rare nectar as Jura fir honey, clementine without forgetting our exclusive creations of premium honeys.

Do you want to regain vitality with the most valuable assets of the hive? Try our pure organic royal jelly or in bulbs, capsules, with good honey. Rich in vitamins B3 and B5, the royal jelly helps strengthen your natural defenses.

Small seasonal cough? Propolis is very good for the welfare of the throat. Unbalanced diet, swollen belly? Pollen from flowers can restore your balance thanks to its high fiber and B vitamins. Nutrition and well-being? Famille Mary offers natural preparations combining the treasures of bees, royal jelly, the precious plant extracts, in convenient and modern forms, to improve your everyday form ...