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Honey : well-being food

Honey : Well-being food

Honey, an outstanding product

Honey is the most remarkable products from the beehive. It's a totally natural product, that come from nectar harvested by bees on flowers. It contains vitamins, minerals, enzyme, amino-acid, organic acid and aromatic substances.

Honey, a famous product

Honey is the most famous product from the beehive. It's a totally natural food, food additive-free. It comes from flowers' nectar harvested by bees. This nectar is a sugar solution made by flowers' glands. This nectar is an energetic source quickly available for the bee and a food supply in beehive. Moreover it insulates the beehive. Ce nectar est une source énergétique rapidement disponible pour l'abeille. Il est une réserve de nourriture dans la ruche et il a un rôle d'isolant climatique. Besides its sugar content, it contains vitamins, minerals, enzyme,amino-acid, organic acids and aromatic substances.

Honey's healing benefits on French television news (TF1)

Honey is absolutely safe and has many energetic & nutritional benefits. It has an energizing action and is particularly adapted to sports practice. It slows also mental fatigue and improve resistance against agressions. It also eases assimilation of other foodsand has a positive action on child growth. Honyy can be use for anti-anaemic use thanks to presence of B6 & B9 vitamins. It's an antiseptic food with digestive power. Of course, it relieves from cough, it has laxative, sedative & healing properties. Honey is a food to favour if we want to preserve our health.