3 premium honeys gift case


Offer an original present with our Premium honeys. Subtles and refined honeys.

Fill in you case with the 3 precious jars of PREMIUM EDITION HONEYS. A perfumed and authentic flavour ! Exclusives créations, with the finesse of a great acacia honey combined with rares natural extracts and delicacy of essential oils.

Choose from our 12 perfumes :

  • Honey & Raspberry
  • Honey & Cognac 
  • Honey & Truffles
  • Honey & Citrus fruits
  • Honey & Violet
  • Honey & Rose
  • Honey & Mint
  • Honey & Verbena
  • Honey & Lavander
  • Honey & Vanilla
  • Honey & Champagne
  • Honey & Cointreau

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Developed in Provence and based on honey and shea butter, this generous propolis soap of 250g, is ideal for sensitive skin.

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