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Christmas delight

1 jar of 220g Price for 100g : €2.23
Vitality Candies
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1 jar of 220g Price for 100g : €2.23

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Enjoy this delicacies during Christmas season.

A limited edition delicious recipe for the end of the year. 
Discover this alliance of apples, honey and almonds for a pure moment of pleasure. To enjoy at breakfast or as snack.

Use : spread it on a toast or in a yoghurt.

Usage tips

A déguster en verrine, à tartiner, sur une petite cuillère au moment du petit déjeuner ou pour le goûter.
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Christmas delight

Preparation apple, honey and spices : Apple (52%), cane sugar, orange blossom honey (10%), rum, dried grapes, candied orange cubes, almonds (0.7%), concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent : pectin; cinnamon.

Energy value for 100g : Energy (kJ/kcal) : 989 / 233 ;Lipid (g) : 0,7 Of which saturated fatty acids (g) : <0,1 ; carbohydrates (g) : 55,7 of which sugar (g) : 54,5 ; Fibres (g) : 1,2 ; Protéin (g) : 0.4 ; Salt (mg) : 10,6.

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