With essential oil and Propolis. Vaporize a cloud of this mixture of essential oil and red vine on your legs for an instantaneous freshness effect! Spray directly on legs and delicately massage. Do not swallow. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. 50ml spray

Usage tips

Brumisez directement le spray sur les parties du corps concernées par les gènes et massez délicatement. Ne pas avaler et éviter les yeux et muqueuses.
Natural ingredients
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Circulation Spray
denatured alcohol, dye mother, red vine 16.70 %, propolis and witch hazel , essential oil mix : cypress, peppermint 5 %, lemongrass, lemon, geranium, lavander, Pistacia vera, eucalyptus globulus, sweet orange, cedar, mint arvensis, pinus pinaster.

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