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Nectar de Douceur® organic feet cream - 2 tubes


The Nectar de Douceur® almond tree honey feet cream is an organic feet cream which contributes to repair and moisturize dry to very dry feet.

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2 tubes of 100ml

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The Nectar de Douceur® feet cream combines 3 active ingredients carefully selected to moisturize and soothe dry to very dry feet. You will appreciate the almond tree honey softness, the organic shea butter nutritive qualities, and the organic aloe vera freshness. This organic feet cream is an essential to have soft and repaired feet.
The organic feet cream is ideal to moisturize and soften dry to very dry feet.

The Nectar de Douceur® feet cream contains:

  • Almond tree honey : Rich in minerals, B vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts, amino acids and antioxidants. Thanks to its enveloping, nourishing, moisturizing and soothing virtues, this organic feet cream repairs damaged skins.
  • Organic aloe vera : Rich in vitamins and trace elements, the aloe vera has softening, protective and astringent properties. It helps to rebalance the skin PH, the peeling of cells, the hydration, and finally, it deeply nourishes the skin. It is a real skin regenerating.
  • Organic shea butter: Its nourishing, replenishing, healing and soothing virtues, as well as a cell regenerating power, are real assets to this feet cream.
  • Propolis : It contains flavonoids, phenolic and aromatic compounds which contribute to its natural antimicrobial power. The propolis has also antiseptic and healing properties.
  • Vegetable Squalane (extract from olive oil) : The squalane is obtained by hydrogenation of the natural squalene, one of the main components of the sebum and the skin hydrolipidic film. Thanks to it, the squalane is closed to the skin. It is a protective film on the skin surface, which limits the dehydration and restores suppleness to the epidermis.


100ml 2 tubes

Usage tips

The Nectar de Douceur® feet cream has to be applied generously on feet. Then, delicately massage until complete penetration, by insisting on dry parts. Renew daily for a lasting efficiency.

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