Detoxifying Beekeeper's Elixir - 2 flasks

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Réalisez une cure détoxifiante grâce aux 5 actifs présents dans l'Elixir Détox

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2 flasks of 250ml
€34.80 €39.80
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Inspired by Jean Mary's formula, beekeeper in 1921, this detoxifying elixir is elaborated in Anjou and based on an alcohol-free recipe made of 5 natural ingredients maturation :

  • Pure birch sap, from Anjou forests, traditionally recognize for its detoxifying properties,
  • Propolis,
  • Acacia honey,
  • Lemon balm,
  • Flower pollen

Acting in synergy for their toning and purifying actions. This elixir is ideal during change of season.

Instructions : Dilute 2 caps ( approx 20ml) in a warm or cold drink and renew the cure (1 bottle) at every seasonal change.

250ml bottle

Usage tips

Diluez 2 bouchons d’élixir dans une boisson chaude ou froide.
Natural ingredients
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Detoxifying Beekeeper's Elixir - 2 flasks
Pure birch sap 108ml, hydroglycerine extract of pollen 54,5 ml, hydroglycerine extract of lemon balm and hibiscus 45,4ml, glycerine, Acacia honey 12,8ml, liquid hydroalcoholic propolis extract 8,4ml, conservatives : citric acid, potassium sorbate, potassium benzoate

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