French Spring Honey 2 jars of 1kg

2 jars of 1kg
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Very soft white and creamy honey ideal for breakfast and snack. Delicious in milk and herbal teas, it particularly pleases the children and the elderly.

2 jars of 1kg

This honey is extracted cold and potted in our mill Beau Rivage

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Ce miel de printemps de France est idéal pour le petit-déjeuner et tous les instants gourmands de la journée. Il plaît particulièrement aux enfants et accompagne avec brio les laits et infusions.
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French Spring Honey 2 jars of 1kg

This spring honey is harvested in our wide frecnh countryside

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Delicious and tasty with honey and blueberry nuggets, covered with cane sugar pearls. Already sliced. Generous size to share (300g).

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