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3 jars of 100g

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    Originally, grog is natural alcoholic medicine served hot during winter, helping to fight the first seasonal cold snaps. It exists different recipes and for several benefits. Famille Mary has elaborated 3 alcohol-free grogs, all based on organic acacia honey and 5 organic essential oils. Discover all benefits of our preparations 100% organic certified, and enjoy a true well-being moment!

    • Organic slumber grog: ideal to find a restful night again.
    • Organic digestion grog: ideal to limit heaviness sensation after a meal.
    • Organic breathing grog: ideal to clear out the respiratory tract.



    Dilute 1 to 2 spoon in a hot boiling water cup.

    3 jars of 100g

    This honey is extracted cold and potted in our mill Beau Rivage.

    Usage tips

    Diluted 1 to 2 scoops in a cup of boiling water.
    Natural ingredients
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    Grogs Assortment

    Ingredients sleep grog : acacia honey *, essential oils * of : petitgrain sour orange, sweet orange, red tangerine, lime.

    Ingredients grog digestion : organic acacia honey * 99.73%, essential oils * of: verbena 0.1%, peppermint 0.08%, basil 0.03%, ginger 0.03%, rosemary 0.03%.

    Ingredients grog respiration : acacia honey * 98.3%, essential oils * of: eucalyptus 0.8%, Scots pine 0.7%, ginger 0.1%, red myrtle 0.05 %, lavender 0.05%.

    Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g
    Energie 1272kJ (304kcal)
    Matières grasses 0g
    Dont acides gras saturés 0g
    Glucides 82,4g
    Dont sucres 82,12g
    Fibres alimentaires 0g
    Protéines 0,3g
    Sel 0,01g

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