Eclat de Beauté® hair and nails - 1 box


Eclat de Beauté® is a food supplement for hair and nails based on brewer’s yeast which has a strengthening and revitalizing action.

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The Eclat de Beauté® complex has been especially made to give nutrients to your nails and hair.
The brewer’s yeast is known to improve nails growth and strengthen them.
It acts also on hair by strengthening it and restoring its suppleness and radiance. It is an ideal active ingredient to this hair and nails food supplement.
Associated with bee pollen, rich in fibers and B3 vitamins, as well as wheat germ oil, recognized for its nourishing power thanks to A, C and E vitamins, it is the ideal ally to regain revitalized nails and radiant hair.

The Eclat de beaute® hair ans nails complex contains :

  • Bee pollen : It has many antioxidant components which gently cleanse the skin, without irritate it. It helps also to preserve the hydration by keeping water in cells and it is a natural anti-aging product. Its antioxidant components especially the E vitamin and fatty acids, has a regenerating action on the epidermis.
  • Brewer’s yeast : It brings strength and radiance to damaged nails and hair. 
  • Wheat germ oil : It is a precious ally for dry and damaged hair. Very nourishing, it is a strengthening hair care which protects the hair fibre and avoids split ends. 
  • Stinging nettle : It strengths brittle nails, acts against dandruff, and finally, tones hair root.

1 Box of 30 tablets and 30 capsules

Usage tips

Take 2 tablets and 2 capsules every morning with a glass of water.
Natural ingredients
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Eclat de Beauté® hair and nails - 1 box

Liste des ingrédients par comprimé : Cellulose 217.12 g, Edulcorant : Sorbitol, Levure de bière 100 mg, Ortie piquante feuille extrait sec (Support : maltodextrine) 50 mg, Pollen poudre 40 mg, Manganèse gluconate 14.58 mg, Emulsifiant : stéarate de magnésium, Propolis poudre 10 mg, Oxyde de zinc 4.69 mg, Vitamine B2 1.6 mg, Vitamine B12 1 µg. 

Comprimé de 650 mg
Apport nutritionnel par comprimé : Manganèse 1.75 mg, Zinc 3.75 mg (25% AJR*), Vitamine B2 1.6 mg (100% AJR*), Vitamine B12 1 µg (100% AJR*)
* AJR : Apport Journalier Recommandé 

Liste des ingrédients par capsules : Huile de germe de blé 300 mg, Gélatine, Glycérine, Vitamine E 5 mg.

Capsule de 435 mg
Apport nutritionnel par capsule : Vitamine E 5 mg (50 % AJR*)
* AJR : Apport Journalier Recommandé

Vous ne pourrez dépasser 2 comprimés par jour. 
Mentions particulières : Une consommation excessive peut avoir des effets laxatifs.

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