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Honey & Orange sponge cakes « nonnettes »

Honey & Orange sponge cakes « nonnettes » - 1 pack
Gift - Organic honey & strawberry-rhubarb jam - 1 jar 110g
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Honey & Orange sponge cakes « nonnettes » - 1 pack

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Discover the subtle and greedy pleasure of the honey and orange sponge cake

"Nonnettes" name comes from "nun's" name. In the Middle Ages, the nuns made, in their monastery, this small round cake. Traditional present of  St Nicholas' Day, this gingerbread with jam decorated with water of orange blossom, dragées and lemon, will become in the 18th century one of the specialities confectioners of the city of Reims. The travelers were crazy about it and this speciality was gradually known in all France.

These orange cakes can be savored as such or slightly warmed. They are ideal as a snack and have the flavor the former days.

Use: to keep in a dry and cool place. Once opened, place them in a closed bag

150g pack

Usage tips

A conserver au sec et à l'abri de la chaleur.
Une fois entamé, à conserver dans un sac fermé.
Natural ingredients
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Honey & Orange sponge cakes « nonnettes »

Ingredients: wheat flour, orange marmelade 25 % (syrup of glucose-fructose, purée of orange 5 %, gelling agent : pectins, acidity regulator: citric acid, orange essential oil), honey 21 %, sugar, syrup of inverted sugar, salty egg yolk (egg yolk, salt), baking powders (sodium carbonates, carbonates of ammonium), flavour.

Can contain tracks of milk

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