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Organic Spring honey from Marne


An explosion of floral flavours that invites discovery!

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Gift - Organic honey & strawberry-rhubarb jam - 1 jar 110g
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1 jar of 500g

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An explosion of floral flavors that invites discovery

Produced from a multitude of flowers, this nectar offers a symphony of flavors that has won over many honey lovers. An explosion of floral flavors that invites discovery. Its creamy texture is ideal on toast for breakfast or in cooking. 
Our honey is carefully harvested in apiaries in the Marne region, where our bees gather the most delicate and fragrant flowers of spring. Thanks to our commitment to organic farming, we preserve the balance of the ecosystem and offer you a pure product, free from pesticides and additives.

New for 2024: Organic Spring honey from the Marne region

Every drop of our organic spring honey embodies the richness of the Marne terroirs. Its unctuous texture and golden color bear witness to the purity of our honey, highlighting the passionate work of our beekeepers. Enjoy nature in its purest form, straight from your 500g jar of organic spring honey.


For over 100 years, we've been working with expert, respectful and committed beekeepers! ALL the honeys we offer are tested in our laboratory at the Moulin de Beau Rivage to ensure that they are free from adulterants, pesticides and heavy metals.
1 jar of 500g
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