French Dordogne chestnut honey


The French Dordogne chestnut honey attracts through its strong character and intense flavours.

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1 jar of 230g
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Since 1921, Famille Mary has offered a wide selection of the best pure honeys guaranteed by laboratory analysis.

The French Dordogne chestnut honey is characterized by a strong and sweet smell, woody flavours and some bitterness. This full-bodied honey is rich in trace elements : potassium, magnesium, manganese and barium.

This liquid honey is naturally harvested in early summer, on Dordogne’s chestnuts. Full-bodied on the palate, this nectar attracts more and more consumers  who likes intense flavours. It is a real treat  in the mouth.


A  liquid and full-bodied  honey, ideal  for your sweet recipes like gingerbread, but also for the salty ones.

230g jar

This honey is extracted cold and put in jar in Beau Rivage mill

 A good action for bees !

 Because bees need us, together we support French beekeeping

 1 jar of honey bought = 1% for bees

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Miel liquide & corsé idéal pour vos recettes, sucrées comme le pain d'épices mais aussi salées.
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French Dordogne chestnut honey

This honey is harvested at the beginning of the summer on the chestnut trees of Dordogne.

Quality and purity controlled in the laboratory.

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