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Honey Lime of Picardy


Honey linden from Picardy seduces with its powerful floral flavors. This one is particularly appreciated for its soothing virtues.

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Cadeau - 1 pot de Délice citron palet breton de 110g
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1 jar of 230g

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A harvester-breeder since 1921, Famille Mary offers a collection of quality honeys from the bee fl eet heritage.

Lime honey from Picardy is very popular with honey lovers. This menthol flavored honey has a powerful and intense flavor reminiscent of the scents of undergrowth of linden trees in bloom.

This fruity and creamy honey is naturally harvested at the beginning of summer on the flowers of the lime trees of Picardie.

How to feast thanks to the linden honey from Picardie :

Fruity & creamy honey known for its soothing virtues. Honey ideal for sweetening your evening infusions.

1 jar of 230g

This honey is extracted cold, and potted at the mill of Beau Rivage in the pure apicultural tradition.


 Acheter du miel de Tilleul de Picardie, c'est aussi une bonne action pour les abeilles ! 

  Parce que les abeilles ont besoin de nous, soutenons ensemble l'apiculture française !

  1 pot de miel acheté = 1% pour les Abeilles.
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Miel fruité & crémeux réputé pour ses vertus apaisantes. Miel idéal pour sucrer vos infusions du soir.
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Honey Lime of Picardy

This fresh and unctuous honey is harvested naturally at the beginning of summer on the flowers of linden trees of Picardie.

Quality and purity controlled in the laboratory.

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