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MINCImel Night & Day


Retrouvez la ligne naturellement grâce à Mincimel Jour & Nuit.

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Cadeau - Sablés bio au miel & citron
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1 box of 60 capsules

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Watch your waistline, quite naturally... MINCImel ®, formulated in laboratory, leans on the respect for the biorhythm. - IN THE DAYTIME, the body drains, thanks to the tonic plants. - AT NIGHT, your body slows down the storage of fats. Box of 60 caps

Usage tips

Prendre 2 gélules jour le matin et 2 gélules nuit le soir avec un verre d'eau.
Natural ingredients
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MINCImel Night & Day
DAYTIME capsules : fibers of locust tree 99mg, Guarana 70mg, Unroasted coffee extract 40mg, green Tea extracts dry 40mg, black Tea extracts 20mg, Cider vinegar extracts 20mg, freeze-dried Royal jelly powders 10mg, Magnesium stearate 10mg. Wrap with the vegetable capsule: hypromellose 75mg. NIGHT capsules: potassium chlorinates 80mg, Maltodextrine *70mg, Acide linoleic conjugated ( CLA) 20mg, Chicory dry extracts 40mg, dry extract of maté 30mg, Biflavonoïd of citrus 30mg, Birch dry extracts 20mg, Propolis powders 10mg, emulsifier: magnesium stéarate 5mg. Wrap with the vegetable capsule: hypromellose 75mg.
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