Serenity spray - 1 bottle


This anti-stress spray stimulates feeling of wellness & calm.

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1 flask of 20ml
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The Serenity spray stimulates feeling of wellness & calm. Based on honey, this formula is enriched in rhodiola, a famous plant known to lower effects of stress and to help energy renewal.

Delicately perfumed with orange blossom, Serenity spray is ideal to deal with daily hassles.

Instructions : 5 spray a day if needed 20 ml spray bottle

Usage tips

5 pulvérisations par jour en cas de besoin.
Natural ingredients
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Serenity spray - 1 bottle

Ingredients : rhodiola root aquaeous extract (18%) 75%, water 14,8340%, honey 10%, citric acid 0,225%, orangle blossom aroma 0,1%.

Preservative : potassium sorbate 0,0975%, sodium benzoate 0,0975%. Vitamin B6 (82,7%) 0,042%; sucralose 0,024% Nutrion facts : for 5 sprays (0,75ml): 100mg of rhodiola rosea root, 260µg of vitamin B6 (18,5% of RDA).

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