Nouveau - Recharges gommes Propolis Verte

Naturally take care of your throat thanks to the green propolis gums. The refill allows you to fill your metal box. A practical and economical solution !
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Nouveau - Recharges gommes Propolis Verte - 3 sachets
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Recharges gommes Propolis Verte - 1 sachet
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Soften your throat naturally with these gums made from green propolis and honey. Perfect for the whole family, use them as soon as possible when you feel the sore throat coming. These gums hold a delicious taste of apple for a real moment of pleasure.



Save money and protect the environment by reloading your metal box with this 45 grams economic format !



4 to 6 gums per day. One bag of eco-refill of 45g

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