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Nectar de Douceur® shampoo

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The Nectar de Douceur® shampoo is an organic acacia honey shampoo. Formulated for a frequent use, it is suitable for all the family and restore radiance to your hair.

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Miel & Abricot Amande - 100g - Cadeau
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1 tube of 200ml
€4.90 €9.95

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The Nectar de Douceur® shampoo is formulated with organic acacia honey known to its nourishing and enveloping virtues, organic lime extract which restores radiance to the hair, and organic aloe vera having softening and protecting properties

Suitable for all the family, this organic shampoo has been made for a frequent use. Its smooth texture cleanses and facilitates disentangling : Delicately scented with honey, your hair is supple and smooth.

The Nectar de Douceur® shampoo contains :

  • Organic acacia honey : It has regenerating and revitalizing properties because all the nutrients (B vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants) are easily absorbed by the skin as well as the hair fibre.
  • Organic lime extract : Thanks to the organic lime virtues, the organic shampoo contributes to restore softness and radiance to the hair.
  • Organic aloe vera : It has notable cosmetic properties thanks to its skin actions. It rebalances the skin PH, improves the peeling of dead cells and brings more hydration and suppleness to the skin. Thanks to the astringent and softening aloe vera virtues, this natural and organic shampoo also contributes to protect the skin.
  • Surfactant coming from oat : Very soft surfactant coming from oat, it has an excellent action on the hair structure : a strong point for this organic shampoo.

200ml flask

Usage tips

Apply a small amount of this organic shampoo on hair previously wet and delicately massage with fingertips. Then, rinse abundantly the shampoo with water. Renew the operation if necessary.

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