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Organic Depurative phials


Purifiez votre organisme grâce aux différents actifs des Ampoules Dépuratives Bio.

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Miel & Abricot Amande - 100g - Cadeau
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1 box of 10 phials

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Easy to take! Every dose is supplied with a straw. Every morning, you just have to push the straw in and to drink the dose...This ultra-concentrated formula is a real innovation for your well-being! It is generally advised to take one dose each day, rather in the morning on an empty stomach.

Usage tips

Il est généralement conseillé de prendre le contenu d'une ampoule par jour avec un verre d'eau. Bien agiter fortement les ampoules avant consommation afin de permettre une bonne dissolution.
Natural ingredients
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Organic Depurative phials
Ingredients by phial: honey* 3000mg, aqueous extract* 3000mg: big burdock*, blessed thistle *, small couch grass*, chicory* and yellow gentian*, concentrated extract of artichoke* 400mg, concentrated lemon juice*, dry extract of black radish roots* 100mg, propolis EAL* 725mg, natural aroma of rosemary, natural aroma of juniper, cleansed water qsp 10ml. *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming.

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