Organic Lemon essential oil and Honey


The organic lemon essential oil and honey is a precious treasure from nature, coming from organic farming.

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Organic Honey and Lemon Essential Oil
Organic Honey and Lemon Essential Oil
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Delicately perfumed with flavours of lemon essential oil, the organic lemon essential oil and honey  has won many honey lovers over with its fruity flavours. This nectar combines a polyfloral honey having unique flavours, with the delicacy of the lemon essential oil.

Created by Famille Mary, this combination with citrus fruit notes is a real reflexion in order to find the right balance between the fruity aromas of the lemon and the characterful organic polyfloral honey

A treasure from the hive coming from organic farming

For 3 generations, Famille Mary is strongly committed to the environmental and bee protection. This precious nectar coming from organic farming. Honey extraction is made in respect of the fauna and flora.

The organic lemon essential oil and honey, a fruity nectar

The organic lemon essential oil and honey is a bold combination. Lemon flavours are a real treat in the mouth and do not cover the taste of the organic polyfloral honey.

Enjoy the organic lemon essential oil and honey

This creamy organic nectar will go well with your breakfasts and your spreads. It is suitable also to sweeten and add a lemony taste to your hot drinks.

230g jar

This honey is extracted cold and potted in our mill from Beau Rivage.

Usage tips

Creamy, this precious organic nectar successfully accompanies your breakfasts and spreads well on your toast. It is also suitable for sweetening and adding a lemony note to your hot drinks.
Natural ingredients
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Organic Lemon essential oil and Honey

A preparation coming from organic farming, with organic polyfloral honey harvested in European protected forests, and organic lemon essential oil.

Organic lemon essential oil and honey composition

99,9% organic polyfloral honey from European forests, 0,1% organic lemon essential oil.

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values per 100g
Energy 1272kJ (304kcal)
Fat 0g
- Saturated 0g
Carbohydrate 82,4g
Sugars 82,12g
Dietary fibres 0g
Proteins 0,3g
Salt 0,01g



When some honeys are not produced in sufficient quantity in France for climatic reasons, we are looking for honeys harvested in protected soils from our beekeeper partners.

In order to guarantee  you a high quality, these come from the best regions for each floral designation and benefit from our commitment to quality. 


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