Organic Propolis Solution

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2 flasks of 30ml
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This hydro-alcoholic solution of propolis can be used pure in direct application on the throat, the gums or the tongue, or diluted in a little water in gargle. It's also used as a natural, external disinfectant, for the small cuts ! 30ml flask

Usage tips

Pure ou sur une pierre de sucre dans la gorge diluée dans un peu d'eau pour un gargarisme. Utiliser autant de fois que nécessaire. Eviter les yeux.
Natural ingredients
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Organic Propolis Solution
Extract from propolis* 76 %, honey*, essential oil of rosemary * 0.1%, of cinnamon * 0.09%, of gloves* 0.09%. (content in alcohol: 68,56 %). *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming

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