Organic slimming gel

Organic slimming gel
Organic slimming gel
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This care combines tightening qualities of laminaria algae and natural caffeine whose bioavailability is activated. These slimming actions on orange-peel skin are optimised by the presence of Phyco R75 : marine origin natural extract, that selectively targets adipocyte and acts on various factors that regulate lipolysis, to stimulate elimination of fats and disgracious plumpness. Coffee extract and royal jelly provides a pleasant feeling on tissue tone. This non-oily slimming gel, helps to improve the skin texture leaving the skin firmer and smoother The presence (minimum 1%) of Phyco R75 increases lipolysis by 56% and this gel contains 2% of this active ingredients. 150ml tube Ecologic and organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT greenlife

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