L'infusion prodigieuse à la Mélisse et Fraise
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2 boxes of 20 herbals tea
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Blend of aromatic herbs, blackberry leaves and strawberry bits, this tasty herbal tea is an invitation to travel. Savour your tea with a lime blossom honey. Brew a perfect cup: Enjoy hot or iced. Our recipe for hot herbal tea : put 1 tea bag in a cup of hot water and let brew for 2-3 minutes. Our recipe for iced herbal tea : put 4 tea bags in 500 ml of hot water and let brew for 10 minutes. Add 500ml of cold water and some ice cubes before serving.

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Pastilles saveur pin & citron. Aussi délicieuses que bienfaisantes. Un cadeau pour
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Élaborées en France par un confiseur.
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