Raspberry gingerbread - 1 bread

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A tasty honey rich gingerbread. The crispy raspberry chips bring a taste beyond compare to their recipe.

Recommended use : this gingerbread is appreciated for breakfast as well as snack, nature or with jam.

3 breads of 250g

Usage tips

Ce pain d'épices s'apprécie au petit déjeuner ainsi qu’au goûté, nature ou accompagné d’une confiture.
Natural ingredients
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Raspberry gingerbread - 1 bread

Ingredients : Honey 40%, wheat flour, rye flour, raspberries chips 18%, milk, eggs, baking powder : sodium bicarbonate, natural spices. May contain traces of fruits and nuts. Contains salts and sugars naturally presents.

Energy 1455 KJ (345 Kcal)
Fats 6,1g
Fats saturated (3,2g)
Glucids 65,3g
Sugars 35,2g
Fibres 3,9g
Proteins 5,2g
Salt 0,255g

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