Royal C® - 2 flasks

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2 flasks of 30g
€49.80 €59.80
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Coming from 2 years of research, Famille Mary offers the unique association of royal jelly, vitamin C and essential oil of sweet orange: Royal C®.

An exclusive cocktail of energy with a fruity taste containing :

  • 30 g of ROYAL JELLY, vitalizing.
  • VITAMIN C, contributing to fatigue reduction. 
  • SWEET ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL, adding a fruity taste.
  1. CONVENIENT PACJAGING: bring it everywhere
  2. EASY DOSAGE: a simple press is enough and gives you 30% of the RDAs in vitamin C
  3. VACUUM-PACKED TO PRESERVE THE ORGANIC ROYAL JELLY: You can keep it out of the fridge up to 7 days

The ROYAL C® flask allows to preserve and protect the Royal Jelly contained.

This flask has also a measuring pump : 1 press = 1 perfect dose of Royal Jelly.


You just have to take one dose by pressing the flask to have the right quantity for your vitality program. Enjoy it, rather in the morning, under the tonge.

2 flasks with measuring pump of 30g


Usage tips

Présenté en flacon doseur, il vous suffit d’appuyer une fois pour avoir la juste quantité de votre programme vitalité. A savourer de préférence le matin à jeun sous la langue.

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