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Tonimel bio 2000mg

These ampoules are a real concentrate of vitality with a good fruity taste of mango, formulated from 4 organic active ingredients: organic royal jelly, organic green propolis, organic acerola and organic acacia honey.

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Tonimel bio 2000mg - 1 boxe
Tonimel bio 2000mg - 3 boxes
€49.95 €59.85
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Tonimel bio 2000mg - 1 boxe
Tonimel bio 2000mg - 3 boxes
€49.95 €59.85

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To help you benefit from the strengthening and stimulating effects of royal jelly on health, Famille Mary has developed various products based on royal jelly. Pure royal jelly, capsules, pump bottle or royal jelly in ampoule with the product TONImel 2000mg!

This program is developed from 4 active organic :

  • Royal Jelly Mary Family organic, ultra dosed at 2000 mg per ampoule
  • The green propolis bio, a real protective shield of the hive
  • Organic acerola, rich in natural vitamin C that helps stimulate the tone and vitality and strengthen the natural defenses.
  • the honey of acacia bio

1 phial contains 2000 mg of royal jelly, 500 mg of green propolis macerate (25 mg of green propolis), 350 mg of acerola (12 mg of vitamin C) and 1g of acacia honey.

This dietary supplement contains organic royal jelly, but also green propolis (used as a natural disinfectant of the hive by bees) and acacia honey, appreciated for its delicately scented flavor. The addition of a mango puree gives it its pleasant fruity taste.

This cocktail well-being is to be taken ideally over a period of one month to fill the tonus. This cure of royal jelly, honey and propolis can help you to keep the form throughout the year, and particularly at the time of the changes of season, favourable with the development of the viral infections. Putting in place this health routine by taking a vial of royal jelly every morning will help keep you in shape during the winter. Less fatigue, more vitality: the regular consumption of royal jelly phials is a source of daily well-being.

Packaging : 1 or 3 boxes of 10 ampoules

This natural treasure is a food supplement. To be consumed as part of a varied diet. Keep out of reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Usage tips

Prendre une ampoule par jour, à diluer dans un verre d’eau ou de jus d’orange, de préférence le matin. La gelée royale a naturellement une texture épaisse, bien agiter l'ampoule avant l'emploi. Déconseillé aux femmes enceintes et allaitantes.
Natural ingredients
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Tonimel bio 2000mg

Mango puree* 3g, Royal jelly* 1,5g, acacia honey* 1g, hydroglicerined extract* 0,4g : green propolis*, echinacea purpurea* and agave, peach natural aroma, purified water

*Ingredients from organic farming

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