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Aloe Vera Benefits

The aloe vera is a real treasure of benefits. It is an essential plant which is ideal against  daily small pains. We offer you to discover this active ingredient that Famille Mary has selected in the composition of its products for health and well-being.

  Fiche d'identité :

Nom : Aloe Vera

Nom latin : Aloe barbadensis

Famille : Perennial plant  of the lily family

Origine : South Africa



The aloe vera is a hardy perennial plan which grows in hot climates and tropicals countries.It is also a strong and easily cared plant. The aloe vera is harvested for more than 6 000 years especially in Egypte and Ancient Greece. There are 300 aloe varieties. The most one used is the aloe vera  thanks to its benefits. Coming from South Africa, the aloe vera is harvested everywhere worldwide particularly in Spain, Mexico, but also in the south of United-States.

The aloe vera leafs are narrow, long and toothed. At the heart of this plant, many yellow flowers are growing  into a tube shape. The aloe vera flowers are composed of a big stem with at its end, a plenty of small yellow bells. After 4 to 5 years, the plant reaches one meter. Then, it is possible to start to remove its leafs.

The aloe vera composition  :

The aloe vera leafs are constituted with 98% of water and yet, they have an outstanding quantity of components. The aloe vera leafs contain more than 75 nutritive elements and 200 other components, as well as 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

  • Vitamins : A Vitamins : improve the vision, favor skin and bones’ health, B vitamins : essential for the red cell production and carbohydrate absorption, C Vitamins : antioxidant and toning. Fight infection, favor healing and maintain skin health, D Vitamins : enable to well digest calcium, E Vitamins : helps to fight infections.
  • Enzymes : anti-inflammatory virtues.
  • Minéraux : zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium
  • Acides gras et acides aminés : proteins which are essential in all the organism functions

 We collect in big aloe vera leafs :

  • A translucent gel in the leaf central area
  • The sap contained in te leaf’s green bark

The first can be applied on body, and the second taken by mouth.

The translucent gel by external use : :

This aloe vera gel has a soothing, local anti-inflammatory and healing action. Externally, it is often incorporated in creams, shampoos, toothpaste… It is tradionnally used for small superficial wounds (cuts, scratches), skin and hair irritations and itches, minor burns and sunburns, stings, acne, small infections or skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis).

The translucent gel by internal use :

The aloe vera leafs has general and local beneficial virtues thanks to its plentiful of nutrients and active ingredients.

The aloe vera in juice or in our honey & aloe vera can be used for : reducing stomach pain, soothing inflammatory intestine diseases. Our honey & aloe vera is for example recommended to purify and balance your body.

  • The sap :

The yellow sap which flows on the freshly cut leaf bark is a powerful laxative. This one is recommended as use against constipation.

The aloe vera is a real treasure from nature. It is a unique product thanks to the multitude of its components and their combination. The aloe vera contains many other elements.  Whether on a disease or treatment prevention, there are a lot of aloe vera benefits. It is an essential product to have at home.

The aloe vera benefits on health  :

For thousand of years, world’s civilizations are using aloe vera for its health benefits. The use of aloe vera happened for more than 5 000 years. Humans have always used this amazing plant to prevent and treat several pains.

The aloe vera is composed of around 200 substances with pharmaceutical virtues. Today, this plant is known for its repairing properties on skin and on the whole body. The aloe vera also stimulates immune defences, heals, purifies, soothes and eliminates toxins.



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