Brown propolis

The cold of winter weakens the body, so it is important to protect against the vagaries of the season. Discover the benefits of propolis in our little essentials to always have on you (gums, spray ......
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  1. Organic
    Complexe respiration BIO
    Organic respiratory complex

    Starting at €10.50

  2. Organic
    Miel et propolis bio
  3. Organic
    Grog respiration Bio 1 pot
    Organic breathing grog

    Starting at €8.90

  4. Inhalateur propolis
    Nose inhaler stick

    Starting at €4.95

  5. Organic
    Gélules de propolis bio
    Organic Propolis Capsules

    Starting at €10.90

  6. Pastilles au Miel et à la Propolis
    Propolis & honey Candies

    Starting at €5.95

  7. Organic
    Spray propolis bio
    Organic Propolis Spray

    Starting at €9.95

  8. Organic
    Sirop propolis bio
    Organic propolis syrup

    Starting at €9.95

  9. Nébuliseur à la Propolis
    Propolis nasal spray

    Starting at €9.90

  10. Propolis pure à mâcher
    Pure Propolis to chew

    Starting at €16.90

  11. Organic
    Infusion pectorale BIO
    Organic Pectoral Herbal tea

    Starting at €4.95

  12. Organic
    Complexe Curcuma & Propolis BIO
  13. Organic
    Gommes de propolis bio et eucalyptus
    Organic Eucalyptus gums

    Starting at €5.50

  14. Organic
    Gommes Propolis & Miel BIO
  15. Propo'C

    Starting at €9.90

  16. Organic
    Solution Hydroalcoolique de Propolis BIO
    Organic Propolis Solution

    Starting at €14.80