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Royal Jelly and well-being

Take care of yourself with our royal jelly products! Royal jelly is the hive's most beneficial asset for morale, tone and body strengthening during seasonal changes. Royal jelly is a real cocktail of energy. ...
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  1. Gelée royale 10g
  2. gelée royale 20g
    Organic Royal Jelly - 20g

    Starting at €26.90

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  3. gelée royale biologique 100g
    Royal Jelly - Royal Selection - 100g
    Starting at €99.50 €169.00
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  4. French Organic Royal Jelly - 10g
  5. ampoules 4000mg à la gelée royale
    Ampoules bio Gelée Royale 4000mg

    Starting at €29.95

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  6. royal c - 1 pot
    Heart stroke
    Royal C ® - Royal jelly with orange

    Starting at €24.95

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