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The Beau Rivage Mill's history

The Beau Rivage's mill is located by the La Moine river, a stream that is affluent of the Nantes Sèvre and sub-tributary of the Loire river. Linked to Saint André de la Marche municipality, the mill is next to Roussay's municipality in the north of Cholet. Jean Mary, the founder of Famille Mary has bought that 17th century mill in 1930. He has established himself with his 8 children and spouse. Hives quickly took place in this environment where acacia and hawthorn trees bloom. A stone bridge enable the crossing of the La Moine river next to the waterfall. Fishermen enjoy sitting by the water to catch carps in the La Moine River.

Today, the Beau Rivage Mill has a Famille Mary store and a customer service. Since 2011, the former house of Jean Mary has been transformed into the Abellie Spa.

Visit our house and discover the magical universe of the hive and bees

The Beau Rivage mill is a wonderful place to learn all about the bees and enjoy nature with your family.

Find all the necessary information on LA RUCHE DE MARY's website and discover all the details for the visit (activities, guided visit, walk by the river, children animations, honey harvesting,....)

The visit programme:

Step n°1:

Start your visit in the hives of yesteryear: discover the hives' history since the honey discovery

Step n°2:

Walk by the Beekeeper's house: enter in the hive's universe

Step n°3 :

Continue the visit in the bee's gazebo : take a closer look a our bees and admire life at the heart of the hive

Step n°4:

If you wish to do so, enjoy a little picnic next to the river. Tables, benches, parasols.. the necessary is at your disposal for a lunch in harmony with nature

Step n°5:

Enjoy a walk next to the river and enter the forest in a ideal and resourceful site.

Step n°6:

Finish the visit by entering into our store and taste the beehive treasures, honey propolis royal jelly and pollen. Come and enjoy our interactive space with your family

Group tours:

Your guide will immerse you in the world of bees: you will know everything about the hive are working and also the benefits of the treasures of the hive. Depending on the season, you can watch a live extraction of honeys. Throughout the year, you will have access to an interactive video space allowing you to know all the secrets from the hive.


2-hour guided visit on reservation minimum of 20 people
Adult fare: 2,90€
Children fare: 1,50€



Learn all about our tourist visits and discover the magical universe of bees


Find all the necessary information regarding the visits, the activities, the walks, children's animations, the honey harvesting exhibition on our website LA RUCHE DE MARY 

Find us:

LA RUCHE DE MARY located in Nantes & Cholet :

  • On the N 249, take the exit N°6 towards Saint André de la Marche
  • Continue towards Roussay (2nd exit at the roundabout)

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 & 14:00 to 18:30

Saturday from 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 18:00

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