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Apitonus - 2 jars


Retrouvez tonus et vitalité grâce à l'Elixir Apitonus, une préparation exceptionnelle à base de 3 actifs de la ruche reconnus pour leurs bienfaits. 

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Cadeau - 1 pot de Délice citron palet breton de 110g
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2 jars of 230g

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Tone up your body with this elixir of vitality. The Apitonus Elixir contains proportions perfectly calculated according to a unique process. It is elaborated according to the principle of the Apitherapy which consists in associating 3 invaluable treasures of the hive: organic royal jelly *, propolis and honey of thyme together with essential oil of grapefruit. Take a teaspoon every morning with an empty stomach. 230g jar *Ingredient stemming from organic farming

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Une à trois cuillerées à café chaque matin à jeun selon vos besoins.
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Apitonus - 2 jars
honey of thyme 215g, royal jelly* 10g, liquid extract of propolis 4,75g, essential oil of grapefruit 0,25g. *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming.
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