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Assortment of 3 organic propolis gums

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3 boxes

As low as €19.80


    Cadeau - 1 pot de Délice citron palet breton de 110g
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    3 boxes

    As low as €19.80

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    Delicious to suck or to chew, these gums associate Propolis, essential Oils and natural aromas. Keep your voice clear and soft in any seasons! Suck 5 in 6 gums a day or more if need be. Box of 45g *Product stemming from the organic farming. FR-BIO-01

    Usage tips

    Sucer 5 à 6 gommes par jour ou plus si nécessaire.
    Natural ingredients
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    Assortment of 3 organic propolis gums
    Gum* 39 %, brown sugar *, syrup of glucose of wheat *, honey* 5 %, Propolis* 1 %, juice of liquorice* / eucalyptus *, violet / mint and menthol aromas, envelope agents: vegetable oil of sunflower* and vegetable wax of carnauba *, natural essence, zest of orange *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming
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