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Fruity pleasure Premium gift case

As low as €27.90

An original box made of 3 premium honey

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1 box of 3 honeys 170g Price for 100g : €5.85

As low as €27.90


    Florentins au miel, chocolat et orange - cadeau
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    1 box of 3 honeys 170g Price for 100g : €5.85

    As low as €27.90

    In stock, available in shop and on the internet


    Offer or offer yourself this premium honeys original case.
    Subtile and elegant honeys.

    Fill in your case with the 3 precious jars of PREMIUM EDITION HONEYS. A range of perfumed and authentic flavours ! Exclusives créations, with the finesse of a great acacia honey combined with rares natural extracts and delicacy of essential oils.

    Choose from 7 flavors:

    • Honey & Mint
    • Honey & Violet
    • Honey & Lemon
    • Honey & Strawberry
    • Honey & Raspberry
    • Honey & 3 Citrus
    • Honey & Mango and Passion Fruit


    3 jars of 170g

    This honey is extracted cold and potted in our mill Beau Rivage.

    Usage tips

    Des miels prestiges à déguster. Idéal à offrir pour les fêtes ou des occasions particulières.
    Natural ingredients
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    Fruity pleasure Premium gift case

    Honey & Raspberry : Acacia honey 168.04g, raspberry flavor 1.36g, freeze-dried raspberry 0.6g.

    Honey & Citrus Zest : Acacia honey 158.57g, 1/2 slice candied orange 11g, lemon essential oil Bio 0.255g, grapefruit essential oil 0.17g.

    Honey & Violet : Acacia honey 165,37g, violet syrup 2,79g, hibiscus flowers 1g, purple aroma 0,71g, soft extract of Hibiscus flowers 0,13g.

    Honey & Mint : Acacia honey 169,73g, organic mint essential oil 0,17g, 4 mint leaves 0,1g approx.

    Honey & Lemon : Acacia honey 93.4%, slice of citorn confit 6.4%, essential oil of organic lemon zest 0.2%

    Honey & Strawberry : Acacia honey 88.3%, candied strawberry 6.5%, organic strawberry extract 5%, organic strawberry flavor 0.2%

    Honey & Mango and Passion Fruit : Acacia honey 98,4%, Mango fruit passion fruit fork 3,5%, Mango aroma 0.8%, Passion aroma 0,8%


    Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g
    Energie 1272kJ (304kcal)
    Matières grasses 0g
    Dont acides gras saturés 0g
    Glucides 82,4g
    Dont sucres 82,12g
    Fibres alimentaires 0g
    Protéines 0,3g
    Sel 0,01g



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