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The cranberry exists in dried form, in beverage, in supplement food, but also in its natural form. This small red fruit is sought after and has been becoming popular thanks to its many virtues and its antibacterial properties.

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- Other names: blog blueberry

Latin nameVaccinium macrocarpon

Family: Ericaceae

Origin: North America (Canada)



The cranberry is a very popular fruit in North America, especially in Canada. The cranberry is one of the only fruit from there.

It has an important place in all their harvests. This fruit is used for many years and its discovering happened a long time ago. American Indians consumed it fresh and dried, and already knew the cranberry’s benefits for health. For them, the cranberry is a nutrient and a remedy against diseases but also a dye.

Fruits are harvested between September and November. It is a fruit with an acid taste.


The cranberry is a unique red, wild and natural fruit. It is very rich in phyto-nutrients (vegetables from natural origin) as well as antioxidant nutrients, which explains why the cranberry is considered as a « super nutrient ». Its antioxidant capacity  wins unanimous support from regulars and scientists.

The cranberry is one of the fruits which has the best  antioxidant action with values higher than those of many fruits as apple, red grap, strawberry, grapefruit or peach.

Here are the main cranberry’s components :

  • C vitamin
  • Fibres
  • Tannins
  • Antioxidants

The benefits of cranberry:

The cranberry is a small berry with strong virtues. This fruit has exceptionnal qualities as antioxidant. The cranberry could contribute to prevent cancer development, some neurological diseases and will contribute to reduce the appearance of first wrinkles. The cranberry would take care of arteries and cardiovascular system. In addition, as anti-inflammatory, it has benefits for the immune system. The cranberry is also used to prevent urinary infections and contributes to treat them.

The benefits of this fruit are in its protective virtues for stomach, bladder and teeth.

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