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Copie de Exclu Gelée Royale Bio 2+2

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Gelée royale bio pour retrouver l'énergie, la vitalité et le tonus

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Cadeau - 1 pot de Délice citron palet breton de 110g
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8 jars of 10g
€69.90 €135.20

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Organic* Royal jelly is a pure concentrate of energy! 91 years of experience in beekeeping allow Famille Mary to select the best royal jellies stemming from the organic farming. Purity guaranteed, freshness and quality: after the harvest, the organic* royal jelly is frozen to preserve its natural active principles. It is then stored between 2° and 5° before being packaged in our laboratory. Numerous analyses guarantee the purity and the quality, and assure you an organic royal jelly without pesticides and without heavy metals. Instructions: take 1g a day, rather in the morning with an empty stomach, let melt under the tongue (measuring spoon supplied). To be kept in the refrigerator. *Product stemming from organic farming certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01

Usage tips

Pour se sentir mieux au quotidien, il est conseillé de prendre 1g par jour de gelée royale bio, de préférence le matin à jeun et laisser fondre sous la langue (palette doseuse fournie).
A conserver au réfrigérateur.
Disponible en flacons de 10g, 20g ou 100g.
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