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Florentins au miel, chocolat et orange - cadeau
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Enjoy a unique gourmet moment with this honey and fleur de sel chocolate bar.

This 70% cocoa savouring chocolate expresses all the beans flavours, made with organic ingredients. The ingredients have been rigorously selected and contain neither added vegetable fats nor lecithin.

Its chestnut honey and fleur de sel original recipe will offer you an unforgettable gustatory pleasure.

Recommendation : This chocolate bar is ideally enjoyed with a coffee or an honey infusion. Store in a cool and dry place.

1 bar - 80g

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Tablette de chocolat idéale à déguster avec un café ou une infusion avec du miel. A conserver dans un endroit frais et à l'abri de l'humidité
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Honey and fleur de sel chocolate bar - 1 bar

Ingredients : drak chocolate 97% (composed of organic cocoa paste and organic cocoa butter 74,5%, organic cane sugar 25,5%), candied orange peel 10% (composed of orange peel, corn syrup, cane sugar, lemon organic chestnut honey 2%. Rich in fibres, rich in iron, rich in magnesium.

Energetic value for 100g : 2387 KJ whether 571 Kcal ; Fat content 41,9 g (including fats saturated 26,4g); Glucids 28,3g (including sugars 24,9g); Fibres 12,3g (namely 55% of the daily-recommended diet); Proteins 7,7g; Salt 1017,7mg ; Iron 19,4mg (namely 138% of the DRD); Magnesium 165,7mg (namely 24% of the DRD); Phosphorus 259,38mg (namely 37% DRD); Potassium 755,92mg (namely 37% DRD); Vitamin E 3, 30mg (namely 27,5% DRD) ; Zinc 2,23mg (namely 22% DRD)

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