Honey and well-being


abeilles-webHoney is an all natural product harvested by bees through the nectar of flowers. This product is a concentrate of nutrients essential for balance.

Pure honey can be kept at room temperature and it should not be put in the refrigerator (honey picks up all the moisture and if its humidity increases too much, it ferments).
When it is started, just close the pot tightly. Honey is available in 3 forms: liquid, creamy and hard. Depending on the composition of the nectar,
the fructose and glucose levels vary.
A honey with a higher fructose content will be liquid while a honey with a higher glucose content will be solid.
The creamy texture is related to the control of crystallization.

Before giving you the composition of honey, you should know that there are 3 types of honey. There is :

  • Polyfloral honeys
  • The monoflorals
  • The honeydew


Polyfloral honeys are honeys from foraging in an area where several kinds of plants are present. In these cases, the beekeeper can not name the honey by the name of a plant. Most of the time, it will give a name related to the region or the specificity of the area.

For example: the honey of the Anjou meadows. The opposite is true for monofloral honeys. These honeys are harvested in areas where a plant species stands out clearly. Depending on the analysis of the honey, the beekeeper can then call it according to the name of the plant. For example : Acacia honey. Finally, the honeydew is not from a flower but rather from aphids. Aphids feed on the sap of trees and release a sweet liquid. This liquid is then harvested by bees to make honey. For example : fir honey is a honeydew. At Famille Mary, we have a wide variety of honey. You can find them on our page dedicated to honeys !



More generally, honey is composed of :

  • 38% fructose
  • 32% glucose
  • 17% water
  • 7% maltose
  • Other: 3.5% (vitamins, trace elements, flavonoids, enzymes, pigments ...)
  • 1.5% of various sugars
  • 1% sucrose



This composition allows him to have amazing benefits. See instead : Honey is better than white sugar : it has a higher sweetening power with fewer calories !

Honey is ideal for the respiratory tract : nothing like a grog to help calm coughs and sore throats. Did you know ? Honey is also increasingly used in hospitals for the care of wounds and burns.