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Heather honey from France


This new honey transports you into a world of complex, bewitching flavours.

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1 jar of 230g

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Travel to the heart of nature with our Heather Honey from France

Discover the aromatic excellence of our Miel de Bruyère de France, a taste experience that captures the essence of pink heather flowers. This new honey transports you to a world of complex, bewitching flavors. Its creamy texture will be ideal on toast at breakfast, or in cooking thanks to its powerful aromas. 

New for 2024: heather honey 

Heather is a hardy, small plant with pink flowers. This precious nectar is imbued with the plant's deep, floral flavor, giving it woody notes from the very first spoonful, and an unrivalled sweetness.


100 years of know-how and passion 

For over 100 years, we've been working with expert, respectful and committed beekeepers! ALL the honeys we offer are tested in our laboratory at the Moulin de Beau Rivage to ensure that they are free from adulterants, pesticides and heavy metals.


1 jar of 230gr

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A déguster sur des tartines ou directement à la cuillière
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Heather honey from France

Miel récolté par les abeilles, sur les bruyères, en France. Qualité et pureté contrôlées en laboratoire.

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