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Forest honey from our Anjou apiaries - 1 jar


Harvested in Anjou by Famille Mary, this unique honey has unique flavors echoing the preserved territories of Anjou.

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Florentins au miel, chocolat et orange - cadeau
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1 jar of 230g

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A unique honey, awarded at the honeys competition of France 2018

Harvesting honeys since 1921, Famille Mary has tasted this rare honey from the forest in her Anjou apiaries. Harvested by bees in early summer, on the flowers of acacia, mulberry and bramble forests near our honey farm Beau Rivage, in the heart of Anjou.

The forest honey of our Anjou apiaries, a local nectar

Sweet and creamy, this honey is a treat in the mouth. Its walleye echoes the mild climate of the Loire Valley, in the Angevin countryside. This honey is potted in the famille Famille Mary, at the Moulin de Beau Rivage, in the pure beekeeping tradition.

1 jar of 230g

Acheter du miel de forêt de ruchers d'Anjou, c'est aussi une bonne action pour les abeilles ! 

Parce que les abeilles ont besoin de nous, soutenons ensemble l'apiculture française !

1 pot de miel acheté = 1% pour les Abeilles.
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Golden and fragrant, this honey is ideal on toast or to taste alone with a spoon.
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Forest honey from our Anjou apiaries - 1 jar

Miel récolté par les abeilles sur les fleurs d'Acacia, de mûriers et de ronce des forêts proches de notre miellerie de Beau Rivage, au coeur de la l'Anjou.

Qualité et pureté contrôlées en laboratoire.

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