Thyme Honey with green propolis and royal jelly - 1 jar

Discover the antioxidant power used by bees
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1 jar of 200g
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Famille Mary Thyme honey with green propolis and royal jelly combine three precious agents from the hive for maximum vitality and resistance

  • Thyme Honey : This honey can be recognized by its powerful flavors of thyme. It is also a powerful remedy for its healing properties.
  • Green Propolis : A resinous substance originally employed by bees to protect the honeycomb from bacteria. This Green propolis come from the flower buds of the baccharis flowers in the tropicals forests of Brazil. Its color come from its botanical origin and contain flavonoïds.
  • Royal Jelly : Recognized to provoke an immune response for the human body, royal jelly is beneficial for well being and to enhance physical and intellectual aptitudes. Moreover, this precious substance helps to resist from external and internal aggressions (cold, tired,...)

This novelty holds a great antioxidant power ( PAOT 39+) certified by the European Antioxidant Institute. The label PAOT given by the EAI certifies that the product contain enough antioxidants and are proven to have real health properties for the human body.

What are antioxidants  ?

Antioxidants are vitamins (A, C, E), minerals (selenium, zinc), carotenoids (lycopene, beta-carotene ...) or polyphenols (more than 5000 varieties), present in certain foods or drinks.

Antioxidants help counter harmful effects such as: pollution, stress, tobacco, chronic diseases, etc ...

Usage: 1 to 3 teaspoons a day.

1 jar of 7 oz.


Usage tips

1 à 3 cuillerées à café par jour.

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