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Organic Orange gums

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De délicieuses gommes à la propolis, au goût de miel et orange pour garder la voix claire.

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Miel & Abricot Amande - 100g - Cadeau
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€11.60 €11.90

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Propolis, Honey and Orange. Pleasant to suck, those gums of Propolis & Orange ease the throat and refresh durably the breath. Elaborated with a subtle association of Honey, Orange and Propolis. Keep the clear and soft voice at any seasons! Suck 5 in 6 gums a day or more if need be. Box of 45g *Product stemming from the organic farming - FR-BIO-01

Usage tips

Sucer 5 à 6 gommes par jour ou plus si nécessaire.
Natural ingredients
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Organic Orange gums
gum* 39 %, brown sugar *, syrup of glucose of wheat *, honey* 5 %, Propolis extract* 1 %, natural aroma: orange peel 0,3 %. *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming
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