Organic Vitality syrup TONACTIF

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Le sirop Tonactif Bio vous redonnera toute votre vitalité !

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2 flasks of 125ml
€16.90 €19.90
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Tonactif ® associates honey with essential oil of Lemon and Grapefruit, known for their toning actions + Ginseng and organic Acerola*. 125ml Flask *Product stemming from the organic farming FR-BIO-01

Usage tips

Il est conseillé de prendre 10ml par jour, soit l'équivalent de 2 cuillerées à café. A avaler de préférence le matin
Natural ingredients
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Organic Vitality syrup TONACTIF
syrup fructose *, honey (28 %), cleansed water, Acerola dry extract (2 %), aromas: powder of natural orange / essential oil of lemon* (0.3 %) / essential oil of grapefruit* (0.3 %), powders with root of ginseng (0.008 %) *Ingredients stemming from the organic farming

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Developed in France, theses vitality candies contain Honey, Royal Jelly, Lemon Essential Oil and acerola. Perfect in case of lack of tonus ! In a 60g metal box.
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