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Who we are ? - Our values

«  Famille mary : authentic and durable values »

Famille Mary  aims to contribute to the life balance, thanks to treasures from bees. It commits itself  towards values (of nature, customers), of respect, innovation, closeness and sharing.  Discover our values :

  • We commit to the natural and pure aspect of our products

Located in a 17th century water mill in the Loire Valley (South of Brittany), Famille Mary lives in harmony with nature. Our beekeepers daily live with bees, they know everything of what  happens in hives. Out of respect for bees, the company  pays close  attention  to  environmental protection. 












  • We commit  to the natural and pure aspect of our products

Famille Mary commits itself to the natural origin of its products. We offer a product range based on plants and treasures from the hive, from organic farming. Involved in the quality of our products, regular controls about product origin are made to guarantee an optimal quality. Honeys are cold extracted according to the beekeeping tradition. Moreover, several analysis are applied to guarantee the purity of our products.



  • Nous We attach importance to sustainable development

Famille Mary commits itself and contributes to the planet respect :

  1. Eco-design production site, without polluting waste
  2. Unit packed certified by Ecocert since 2005.
  3. Recyclable packaging
  4. A recyclable cardboard agreement with a reintegration company
  5. Thanks to bee, the company takes part in the ecosystem’s natural balance.

  • Human aspect and closeness with our customers :

Famille Mary offers its products only in direct relation with customers, without intermediary. When you come in the bee world with Famille Mary, you will take part in a new experience to discover treasures from the hive. The customer advisers which are present in our shops, have a deep knowledge about beneficial and gustatory virtues of bee products. They are constantly trained about Beau Rivage mill and regularly go with our beekeepers in the apiary. You can also contact our customer service by phone, which is available to answer to your questions. Thus, each customer is welcomed by passionates, which offer both personalized gastronomic, well-being and beauty uses. 


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Famille Mary also attaches many importance to :

  • Fair trade practices with a network of beekeeper partners
  • Respect for providers
  • Active partnership with a sheltered workshop for disabled people
  • Involvement in charities as « REVES » Association which realizes dreams of seriously ill children
  • Famille Mary’s commitment for bee protection :

French honey is a rare food product !

For many years, honey harvest is decreasing  in France. It has reduced by 50% in 15 years (14 000 tons in 2013 against 33 000 tons in 1995).  There are hardly acacia, thyme, rosemary, barely more rape, fir tree, sweet chesnut !

The mortality of bees is constantly rising : from 15% to 30% according to regions.

80% of vegetable varieties are depending on bees !

The pollination of 200 000 flowering plant varieties (80%) are depending on bee. Apples, tomatoes, apricots, pears… are threatened  if the bee disappeared. It is worrying  both for gourmands, but also for the environment, and for farming, whose entire parts depend on gathering insects.



Famille MAry is involved in bee protection and beekeeping sector’s support

Famille Mary has launched in September 2014 a supporting action by donating 1% of honey sales to the French Union of Beekeepers, (30 000€ minimum), that is to say 1 honey jar bought = 1% for bees ! The French Union of Beekeepers (UNAF) is the first beekeeping union in France. It gathers 22 000 beekeepers, organizes regular actions for the  pollinating fauna, biodiversity and environment protection, and it is a technical support for beekeepers… www.unaf-apiculture.info

To support « MERCI POUR LES ABEILLES » association, you can go in Famille Mary shops or on our website.