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Royal Jelly

What is the royal jelly ?

Gelée royale pollen

The royal jelly is a substance secreted by the pharyngeal glands of young nurse bees. Only the queens are exclusively fed with royal jelly, the other bees will eat it only during the 3 days of their larval life. Thus, the queen weight is nearly 6 time heavier than the workers, that let us think that royal jelly has specific growth virtues. Moreover, the queen has an uncommon vitality and disease resistance. By the way, the workers have approximately a 45 days life expectancy, whereas the queen lives between 4 and 5 years.

Composition of the royal jelly ?

Abeilles et ruche

The Royal Jelly is made of : proteins, amino acids (the richest product of the beehive in amino acids), carbohydrate, lipids, trace elements, minerals elements (calcium, iron, potassium), vitamins (all the vitamins of the B group are present), & 66% of water.

The royal jelly benefits

The royal jelly is well-known for its numerous virtues for humans. In effect, royal jelly is famous for stimulating the organism and being full of energy and vitality.

Here are the royal jelly benefits in details :

  1. Perfectly innocuousness, it presents nutritive, energetic and metabolic advantages

  2. It helps to grow the vitality in general and presents an interest for all ages

  3. Stimulating, bracing and exhilarating, it will bring a well-being sensation

  4. It allows to obtain better physical, sexual and intellectual performances

  5. It contributes to a better fatigue resistance

  6. It strengthens the body,  limits the agressions, contributes to limit the ageing effects especially

  7. It improves the cold resistance, mood & a better resistance to the anxiety and irritation sensations.

During a slow-down, the royal jelly cure is ideal. It allows to be in great form during the seasons change. You can discover all the benefits of the royal jelly through different products and by visiting our royal jelly range of products !