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Spirulina, a powerful energizer beneficial for your tone!

The spirulina is a microalga which is known for its richness in minerals and vitamins having a high nutritional virtue. It is rich in vegetable proteins, iron and vitamins. Famille Mary combines spirulina with royal jelly in order to have more benefits and efficiently acts against tiredness.

All about spirulina:

spiruline bienfaits  Identity:


- Commun name: Spirulina

- Latin nameArthrospira platensis

Family: Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)

Origins: Warm waters of Indian lakes, Chad or Mexico




 What is spirulina?

Known by the World Health Organization as a superfood in the 21st century, spirulina is a micro-algae living in fresh waters recommended as a dietary supplement for its minerals and vitamins that it contains. This super nutrient can be recognized by its rare green hues and has the highest chlorophyll rate among all plants (115mg for 10g).

Spirulina grows naturally in warm waters of the African, Asian or Central American lakes and ponds. This natural ingredient is very easy to grow and has been used for a long time by primitive civilization. In fact, it played an essential role in their diet.

Spirulina composition:

Low in calories, spirulina is a dietary supplement that contains a great deal of nutrients in a small volume.

Spirulina is an excellent source of:

  • Proteins: It contains 55% to 70% of excellent quality proteins (optimal amino acids proportion and digestibility), 2,5g to 3,5g of proteins in 5g of powder.
  • Minerals and Trace elements: Spirulina contains elements that are beneficial for health such as iron, copper, magnesium and zinc but also sodium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and manganese
  • Vitamins: Spirulina has plenty of vitamins and that is why the algae is referred to as a “superfood”. In fact, vitamins B2, B2 – B3 – B6 – B9 – B12 – A and E are present in spirulina

Spirulina and its benefits on health:

Spirulina is easily digested by our organism and contains exceptional nutritional benefits. In fact, the algae is among the most consumed supplement in the world.

Positive effects of spirulina:

  • It helps to boost our immune system
  • Assist in the balance of food supply and the control of weight
  • Spirulina is also used by athletes to improve endurance and resistance and assist in muscular growth
  • Spirulina is a good dietary supplement to keep and restore energy
  • It strengthens the body’s natural line of defence against infection

How to consume spirulina?

Spirulina can be consumed in different forms such as powders or capsules.

In the form of powder, it is advised to consume spirulina with yoghurt, soup or with a fruit compote. Start by a light program and increase it progressively.


In order to consume the ideal and recommended dosage, it is advised to consume spirulina in capsules. Famille Mary offers you a spirulina & royal jelly complex in capsules to benefit from those two natural ingredients. Take 3 capsules per day preferably at daylight with a glass of water.

Famille Mary's Spirulina and Organic Royal Jelly:


Spirulina & Organic Royal Jelly

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