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The benefits of artichokes

Already very famous by the Greeks and Romans, it is only in medieval times that the artichoke seems to appear in Europe. It is believed that this vegetable originates from Northern Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia, but is now spread worldwide. Its properties make it a fine vegetable to cook and enjoy during meals.

Les propriétés de l'artichaut



  • Scientific name: Cynara Cardunculus subnp / Cynara Scolymus L.
  • Botanique classification: Famille des Astéracées 
  • Forms et preparations : Capsules, dried leaves, juices, liquid extracts
  • Origins: North Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia


What is artichoke? 

Originating from the Mediterranean basin, the artichoke is a perennial and belongs to the Asteraceae family. Known in Europe since medieval times, its properties were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century. This plant is a non-spiny and domesticated variety of the wild thistle. Its stems can measure up to 2 meters tall. Artichoke has thick large leaves of varying sizes and lobed. Its flowers are formed at its summit in a kind of a blue-violet tuft of hair.

The most interesting parts of the artichoke are the leaves and the heart, which are edible. This plant grows in rich, clayey and well-drained soils and develops in temperate and warm climates. It is very sensitive to frost and needs to be protected during winter. Nowadays, artichokes are grown mainly in Spain, Italy and Brittany.

Artichoke's composition: 

The artichoke’s virtues are due to the assets that it contains. The artichoke’s leaves contain cynarine, a bitter aromatic substance that gives artichoke its virtuous properties. The leaves also contain inulin and potassium, vitamin B9 and K, dietary fibres that can help assist digestion. The artichoke also has flavonoids, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates but also iron, trace elements and minerals.

Artichoke's benefits:

The artichoke’s benefits make it a very interesting ingredient in cooking. Indeed, it can help assist digestion but can also help stimulate appetite. It also seems to be a slimming ally as it helps to decrease water retention in the body.

How to consume artichoke? 

The artichoke can be consumed in several different ways, especially in the form of capsules or infusion. If taken in capsules, it is recommended to take between 400 to 600 mg per day, or 2 capsules before each meal, two to three times a day with a large glass of water.

In the form of vials, it is advisable to consume one a day.

Dried artichoke leaves are consumed at a rate of 6 grams per day in 3 doses. If it is infused, it is advised to infuse ten minutes in boiling water with the equivalent of one teaspoon of artichoke leaves and drink one cup before each meal.

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