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The benefits of black radish

Of an unknown origin but grown worldwide, black radish is a vegetable with many virtuous properties. In fact, due to its benefits, it is used in cooking.


  • Scientific name: Raphanus rapharistrum
  • Other names: Spanish black Radish
  • Botanical classification: Brassicaceae family

  • Forms et preparations: raw, food supplements, vials, capsules...

 What is black radish?

The black radish properties are mostly recognized today in cooking. Used by Egyptians at the time of the Pharaohs for its virtues, this herbaceous plant of the Brassicaceae family is now cultivated worldwide. Black radish is recognizable by its black or purplish skin and white flesh. Sometimes called "Spanish Radish", the black radish has a cylindrical shape and has branched flower stems that measure between 60 and 80 centimeters high. Its leaves are hairy and its roots can measure up to 20 centimeters. There are three different varieties of black radish in France. It is grown by sowing from May to August and is harvested in October, before the first frosts. It is a product that is only available in winter but can be consumed all year in the form of food supplements for example. Black radish grows under warm, sunny exposure, and requires loose, sandy, humus soil to grow.

Black radish's composition: 

The benefits of black radish are partly due to the assets that compose it. It contains a sulphur essential oil, potassium and vitamin C. It is also composed of glucosinolates, vitamins B9, A, and E, iron and magnesium.

Black radish's benefits:

The benefits of black radish have been recognized for many years. Note that this plant can help assist digestion with its many assets. In addition, it also seems to soothe the throat and appears to have positive impacts in reducing irritation.

How to consume black radish?

It is often the root’s juice that is used. Traditionally, black radish was pressed and purely drunk to assist digestion. Today, it is found in various forms, including drinkable vials or capsules, but also powder. Black radish juice is recommended at a rate of 14 ml taken between two and six times daily. The daily dose should not exceed 100 ml per day and the duration of the intake should not exceed four weeks.

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