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The benefits of Guarana

Traditionally used for its benefits by American Indians, guarana is a small shrub native to the Amazon whose effects are now recognized around the world.


  • Scientific name: Paullinia cupana 
  • Other names: Eye of the forest
  • Botanical classification: Sapindaceae family
  • Forms et preparations : Capsules, drinks, powders, tablets, dried berries, herbal teas, ampoules...
  • Origins: Amazon

What is guarana ? 

Native to the Amazon, guarana is a small creeper-shaped shrub, climbing from the Sapindaceae family. Traditionally used by Amazonian Indians and known as the  "Eye of the forest" due to its circular shape, guarana is especially known for its beneficial properties. Known in Europe since the 18th century, guarana was discovered by the German physician Paullini. It is a plant that contains a high dose of caffeine. The guarana flowers are greenish in colour and arranged in clusters. The fruit is small and red with three lobes containing a black and oval seed.

Guarana's composition: 

The benefits of guarana are due in particular to the assets that compose it. Among them are alkaloids, adenines, guaranine, which are highly concentrated in caffeine, mucilages and tannins. It also contains essential fatty acids, mineral salts such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium, but also trace elements including selenium and strontium. Guarana also contains vitamins A, E, B1, B3 and PP.

The benefits of Guarana:

The benefits of guarana are the following:

- It can help  digestion

- It can help  improve concentration

- It appears to help improve memory

- It can have a positive action to decrease  tiredness

- It has stimulating properties thanks to the caffeine it contains

How to use guarana? 

Guarana can be consumed in various forms, the best known being powder and capsules.

For capsules, it is recommended to consume between 75 to 250 mg per dose. Guarana can also be taken as a powder, 450 to 500 mg diluted in water or fruit juice. It is recommended to take about 2 to 4 grams of guarana per day before meals for four to six weeks. 

In infusion, it is advisable to put a bag guarana tea in a cup of very hot water and let it infuse 3 to 4 minutes. It can also be consumed cold.

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