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The benefits of orange blossom

The orange blossom, also called "Essence of Neroli", named after the town of Nerola, comes from the bitter orange and used as well in cosmetics, as in cooking for its many benefits.


  • Scientific name: Citrus sinensi, citrus aurantium 
  • Botanical classification: Rutaceaes Family (citruses) 
  • Other names: Neroli essence, bigarade orange, bitter orange, Sour orange, Seville orange 
  • Forms et preparations: essential oil, herbal distillate

  • Origins: India and North Africa


What is orange blossom?

It was originally in India on the bitter orange that the orange blossom buds. Nowadays, this scented flower, introduced in the Mediterranean area is very much enjoyed to flavor dishes, deserts as well as cosmetics in lotions. The bitter orange is a thorny tree that can measure up to 14 centimeters. Its flowers are commonly known for their strong scent but also its rose-colored or white hues. The blooming period differs according to geographical areas, starting early February in Northern Africa and April in the Mediterranean areas. The orange bitter belongs to the Retaceae Family and can live up to 600 years! The bitter orange enjoys warm climates and tropical regions and can survive frost.

Orange blossom composition:

The orange blossom’s benefits comes from the very composition and its components: Vitamin C, flavonoids, aromatic molecules, carotene, terpinols, essential oils but also bitter components, terpenes and alcohol.

Orange blossom and its benefits:

The orange blossom’s benefits are numerous:

  • They can help reduce anxiety and sleeping problems
  • It appears that they have a positive impact on headaches and menstrual pains.
  • It appears that they can assist on improving digestion
  • In cosmetics, it appears to have positive results on hydrating the skin and hair

How to consume orange blossom?

The orange blossom can be used in different ways. In cosmetics, it can be used in the form of herbal distillate and essential oils generally suitable for all skin types. While cooking, it is advised to put 5ml of orange blossom in a litre of preparation. Orange blossom infusions can be consumed twice a day. In order to prepare an infusion, put two teaspoons of dry orange bitter leafs in hot water. Steep the infusion for 10 minutes to fully extract the best flavor.

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