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The ginseng, the plant with plenty of virtues !

The ginseng is recognized by Chinese medicine as one of the most efficient plants in phytotherapy for more than 4000 years. However, it is a rare and fragile plant which needs specific conditions to live. That’s why, thanks to its rarity and efficiency, this plant has been exclusively used by the most important personalities many centuries ago.   Since, the science and the research have confirmed several benefits of the ginseng. Thanks to this, it is known worldwide.

All about ginseng:

ginseng bienfaits 


Name: Asian Ginseng

- Latin namePanax Ginseng (asian variety)

Family: Araliaceae

Origins: Northern Asia


What is ginseng ?

The ginseng is an hardy plant with a small size (30 and 50cm) which is easy to recognize thanks to its foliage. Its white flowers give birth to small red berries during the fruitage. The power of this medicinal plant lies in its roots and its lateral roots, whose the size grows up with aging. The ginseng plants which especially are over the age  of 5 years, are used in phytotherapy.

The benefits of the ginseng on health:

The benefits of the ginseng are well proven. This beneficial plant contains several active ingredients. The ginseng especially acts on the whole organism in different ways and contributes to a good health and well-being.

This medicinale plant is ideal for :

  • Promoting well-being : reinforce the human body against feeling of depression and stress.
  • Stimulating memory
  • Improving physical performance
  • Reducing tiredness
  • Boosting vitality and organism’s natural defence mechanisms
  • Reinforcing immune system

How to consume the ginseng?

According to the intended effect, the ginseng can be combined with other plants or active ingredients as we did at Famille Mary. To favor benefits of the ginseng, we have combined it with :

  • Honey for a delicious preparation combining honey benefits with ginseng’s. It is ideal to regain fettle and strength
  • Ginger and royal jelly to regain sexual energy
  • Essential oils and acerola for more vitality
  • Ginkgo and royal jelly to preserve your memory
  • Rhodiola for concentration or nervous balance
  • Guarana known for its refreshing and stimulating properties
  • Turmeric to increase antioxidant power

After discovering benefits of the ginseng, which is useful for the organism’s energy cycle, we recommend you to consume this plant during a change in season or temperature, or during tiredness periods.

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